Change to KW

With so many real estate companies to choose from, why would an agent switch to Keller Williams? Aren’t they all the same?
No. All real estate companies are not the same.
Keller Williams stands apart from other companies in many ways and the proof is that it has grown to the second largest real estate company in the United States.
More and more agents choose Keller Williams to start their real estate career or switch to KW later.

The Top Reasons to Switch to Keller Williams.

  • Higher Net Income: Each Market Center sets a limit on the amount that an agent pays into the company. This is referred to as the Cap. All agents begin with a 70/30 split. Once the Cap amount is reached the agent keeps 100% of the commission for the rest of the 12 month period. This period starts over based on the anniversary month of joining KW. As a general rule the Cap amount is reached when an agent produces between 2 to 3 million dollars of production.
  • Leading Technology: Keller Williams is constantly improving the systems that support our agents. Each agent has their own unique app to send to any client. A client can search for properties all over the United States creating sales and possible referral opportunities for the agent. The Market Center has tech support and online tools available. Education: Keller Williams was voted the number 1 Training Company in the United States for all industries by Training Magazine. The training is available via individual coaching, group coaching, online, and in classroom settings. Training is available for all experience levels. It is up to the individual agent to decide what level they desire.
  • Internet: Keller Williams International spends almost 2,500,000 per month promoting agents listings. The company owns 88 direct website and provides data to approximately 600 more.