Keller Williams Technology

Keller Williams Technology | Innovation in Real Estate

Keller Williams Realty is constantly improving the technology and programs used to provide agents with the tools needed by be at the top of their game. Each agent is provided with their own website to help build their business. KW has a mobile app that is unique to each agent and can be shared with anyone. A client can search for properties for sale all over the United States.

Keller Williams Technology | Always moving forward

  • eEdge – CRM system provided to each agent to track and communicate with clients.
  • Personal Website that is easy to navigate convert more clients.
  • Downloadable customizable marketing materials and templates.
  • Drip email campaigns
  • KWLS – Keller Williams Listings are promoted on 88 direct websites and data is delivered to over 600 more.
  • Internet training video/audio sessions on Keller Williams University, KW Connect and the KW Intranet.
  • Agent performance and goal setting tools.
  • otloop allows agents to electronically complete documents and agreements.
  • Virtual filing systems for sales/invoices.

There is so much more real estate technology that Keller Williams is developing at this very moment. The most important part of this is that the technology keeps moving forward.
To learn about the latest advances, join Keller Williams today and watch your career skyrocket!